Flying From Clench

Our Airfield is high on the Wiltshire Downs, north of the Vale of Pewsey and the Kennet & Avon Canal, the airfield offers the best of the southern English countryside.

A Typical Day At Clench 

Clench Common airfield is a great place to meet other pilots and perfect for the student who wants to learn how to fly.

Landing Runway 33

This video clip should give you a good idea of how it feels to land an aircraft at Clench Common.

Landing Runway 26

This video is another landing this time on a different runway. Students say they are happy to learn at Clench as it teaches you to land at some of the most difficult farm strips

Xair Landing Clench Common

This is a great video as it gives you a great perspective of landing on runway 33.

Club Fly Out To France

GS Aviation has regular club fly-outs, in this example they decided on France..

Flying In The Snow

Another great day out in Wiltshire looking at the snow on the usually green fields.

Club Fly out to Birmingham

This is another example of a club fly out with the Eurostar this time.

Typical Training Day

GS Aviation has a number of instructors. This is a great overview of the kind of training you will experience.

Eurostar Landing

Eurostar landing from Popham Airfield.

C42 Microlight Lesson

This will help you understand what happens in a regular lesson at Clench Common