Rotax Accredited Service and Repair Centre

G.S.A are proud to announce that since June 2018  we have a servicing and maintenance facility at Clench Common.

Karl Knowles  our full time Rotax engineer. He has many years of experience in both aviation and general engineering. We have a custom built workshop facility specifically for this purpose.

G.S.A can undertake not only engine servicing, we can complete airframe, avionics fit and paint work.

G.S.A are able to service and overhaul all Rotax 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and use Rotax diagnostics for the 912 IS engine. As well as Rotax servicing, G.S.A service Jabiru engines, and can complete airframe maintenance on both fixed and flexwing aircraft.  Service schedules are available for all aircraft types.

Service Menu:

Rotax 912, 80/100 hp 

Service hoursDescription
100Oil and filter change, inspection of filter and magnetic plug, coolant top up, compression test, carburettors inspected and cleaned, floats weighed, sockets inspected and engine bay inspection.
200As above with the addition of replacing spark plugs (NGK plugs) and oil container stripped and cleaned.


Service hoursDescription
50Oil and filter change, cylinder head re-torque, compression test, tappets set, carburettors inspected and cleaned and engine bay inspection.

Rotax Gearbox

Service hoursDescription
600Propeller and gearbox removed, gearbox pre-load checked, re-shimmed if required to correct pre-load, gears inspected and checked, gearbox reassembled and re-fitted to aircraft, engine ground run and engine oil level checked.

  • Permit to fly renewals available for both BMAA and LAA Aircraft including check flights with our highly experienced pilots.
  • Aircraft collection and delivery service available for most aircraft types.
  • No job too small, for more information give us a call.

tel: 01672 – 515 535