Airfield Works

We are in the midst of an extensive programme of works to improve the facilities and experience for our members, students and visitors. The most obvious of the enhancements is the addition of the new hangars, which are now complete.

With construction underway for our new workshop we still require the use of quite a bit of heavy machinery and, whilst the ground conditions are ideal for digging foundations etc, this is causing quite a bit of rutting of the ground around the aircraft parking areas.

Since the damage is inevitable we decided to bite the bullet and embark on some other required works at the same time - no point in having a repeat of the disruption later. So, over the next couple of months we will be constructing a new office with reception area and  digging further drainage ditches around the hangers and the current parking areas. These will be filled with piping and gravel and the surface water, which currently collects around the aircraft, will be diverted into a clay pit in the woods.

Our hard standing area extending away from the clubhouse is almost complete. This allows fueling, checking of aircraft and general maintenance to be carried out on a hard, drained surface so no more sloshing around in the mud.

We are working hard to keep the disruption to a minimum and also to get these works completed during the slowest part of the season. We hope you will all enjoy the new facilities once they are complete. It won't be much longer now.