Other documents

C42  Pilot Hand Book

All the relevant data for safe and legal operation of the C42 aircraft. Students - if you are about to take a GST this is mandatory reading, your oral examination will be based on this information. Shareholders - if it's been a while since you took your GST you should update your knowledge of the aircraft periodically, it's amazing which bits get forgotten.

EuroFox Hand Book

All the necessary info for the EuroFox. If you are considering upgrading your share to the EuroFox you will need to know how if differs from the C42 - this booklet has all the answers.

Clench Common Flying Orders

All airfields, to operate legally, must maintain a flying order book containing local rules and/or modifications to general air law to facilitate safe and efficient operation at that specific site.
All pilots and students are required to read this document and sign the copy in the clubhouse to indicate that you have read and understood the local regulations. Failure to do so may render your insurance invalid and could result in suspension of membership privileges.

Air Navigation Order

The LAW as it applies to pilots. If its in here then its law - if its not then so be it. ALL pilots are REQUIRED to have read and understood this document but its highly unlikely that more than a few percent have ever read the whole thing. Its dry reading but you may find some answers to questions you hadn't even thought of asking.


The CAA published guide to use of a radio in an aircraft. All licensed pilots are required to obtain a Radiotelephony License (FRTOL) as soon as possible after your GST (until this time you are using your instructor's license but this doesn't apply once you have passed your GST). This document outlines the correct phraseology required to pass the FRTOL Examination.