What a week!! No flying all last week due to gales and rain? Frustrating for all of us as we have a full diary for two weeks in advance at the moment.
Now guess what? One month lockdown from this Thursday could mean we are not able to fly. We will get an update posted as soon as we have news.
General airfield news, the two new hangars now finished, and already have aircraft filling them. We have to finish the floor once spring arrives as we will need 60 tonnes of material delivered.
Dan and Lucas are getting the old workshop cleared, as we will be fitting a new frame and roof to the front as a holding bay for trikes in for service.
Karl has started work for us on the trike service and rebuilds, working along side Darren who is our flexwing expert.
We are gearing up for the New Year, and will have a full maintenance and service centre for Flexwings running alongside our Rotax accredited facility run by Paul, which is extremely busy completing engine, airframe and avionics work.
The flying school as stated is very busy, and we have nine new students with another two people coming along once we can get over this spell of Covid lockdown.
We have ordered a new C42 to add to our fleet as another instructor is starting part time to help us out.
Let’s all hope things move forward and we can put this year behind us.

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