NPPL SSEA upgrades

We now have our new Eurofox Light Sport Aircraft ‘Whisky Oscar’ available for upgrade training from NPPL M licence to NPPL SSEA. This means you can upgrade to fly a 2000 kilo four seat aircraft, or buy into our syndicate.

We have a complete panel; Kanardia AH and DI, and avionics to be able to complete all of the instrument appreciation for the SSEA licence. Cruise at 90 knots (105mph) at 4,300 rpm two up, burning 12 litres an hour. This aircraft has a maximum all up weight of 560 kilos, and a payload of 265 kilos, so full tanks , two people at 86 kilos each and baggage at 20 kilos.

So what does this all mean? You can fly for five hours with at least an hour safety margin, that equates to 500 nautical miles on one tank! That’s if your bladder can cope!!

These modern aircraft are very capable, comfortable, economic, quiet and all at a reasonable cruise, what more can you ask for?

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