Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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GS Aviation Europe Ltd. Flexwing (weight shift) and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight training near Marlborough, Wiltshire

Microlight Flight Training to NPPL(M) - Flying Lessons

Availability, courses and booking: the airfield office - 01672 515535

Throughout the year we provide microlight gift vouchers, trial flights and full flying training to NPPL and beyond on both flexwing and 3-axis aircraft (Flexwing tuition will now only be undertaken in the students own aircraft), as well as conversion training between the two types. If you want to learn to fly, you must be reasonably fit, in good health and within the following height/weight range: 1.57m-1.98m (5'0" - 6'6" ) 55kg - 120kg (8st9lb - 18st12lb)

Q. I want to learn to fly

A. Which aircraft would you like to learn to fly in?

Click to enlarge a C42
Our Ickarus C42 fleet are 80hp fully enclosed 2-seaters with cabin heating, 70mph cruise. Ideal trainers, very easy to fly plus capable tourer. Our C42's have taken many students to first solo and their licence plus numerous tours to France.

Click to enlarge G-CIGS our MTO Sport gyrocopter Click to enlarge New February 2009 G-CFRT our splendid Eurostar
G-CIGS our new MT-Sport Gyrocopter (Gyroplane) is open cockpit but with screens to keep the wind off the face and body. Used for training to the PPL (G). To read more goto www.gyrocoptertraining.co.uk G-CFRT our splendid EV-97 Eurostar. 80hp, 100mph cruise, 2-seater with cabin heating, great visability and sexy looks. Yes it is still a microlight and the same price for lessons as the C42. This is our "hot" ship and is more suited for pilots converting from PPL than for ab-initio.

To achieve solo standard during NPPL (M) courses, you must be a minimum of 16 years of age to go solo and 17 years of age to get the license. Also for solo flying you must obtain a Medical Declaration Certificate (GSA can supply) signed by your doctor. The health requirements are now based on car and HGV license standards. You are advised to become a member of the BMAA "British Microlight Aircraft Association" which GSA can arrange. All training is with British instructors to the British syllabus to obtain a UK licence.

Our UK School, in Wiltshire, operates all year round.

All you need to fly microlights is.....

..........a dream of flying, the ability to have fun,

and a sense of adventure.

Learn more about Microlight Training in UK or more about the Aircraft we use

Want to talk about it? As the office on the airfield is only staffed Mon/Wed/Fri mornings calling at other times may either get the answer phone or an instructor between lessons.

Copyright ©2016 GS Aviation (Europe) Ltd. For all your microlight training on flex and fixed wing aircraft including ground school to NPPL. Tel 01672 515535 Email info@gsaviation.co.uk for more information.