Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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GS Aviation Europe Ltd. Flexwing and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight Safety Pilot Training Course.

Safety Pilot Training Course

This course is aimed at people who regularly fly as passengers in microlight or light aircraft, whether they are friends or partners of the pilots. It consists of ten hours of instruction and provides a basic knowledge of piloting in order that the person may understand the cockpit environment and, in the extreme case of the pilot becoming ill and unable to continue, enable them to maintain control of the aircraft and bring it in to land. No tests or examinations required.

The course consists of 10 hours of training covering the following:

If in doubt the order of priorities are.... Aviate - Navigate - Communicate.

FAMILIARISATION. Basic cockpit controls. Radio.

EFFECTS OF THE CONTROLS. Stick, rudder, throttle, trim. How much fuel have you got.

STRAIGHT AND LEVEL FLIGHT. Use of controls and natural horizon to maintain straight and level flight. What are the other instruments telling you.

CLIMBING, DESCENDING AND TURNING. Use of controls to change direction or height.

CIRCUITS. Joining and flying the circuit. Landing. Control on the ground.

SLOW FLIGHT, STALL AND RECOGNITION. Basic procedure. Safety checks.

BASIC NAVIGATION. Where are you, using a chart, use of emergency radio frequency.

FORCED LANDING. Basic procedure. Safety checks.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. Control of the aircraft.


£1150 for a 5 day course or £125 per hour.

Our UK School, in Wiltshire, operates all year round

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