Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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GS Aviation Europe Ltd. Flexwing and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight flight training near Marlborough, Wiltshire

Microlight Flying Lessons in the UK
Click here for Special intensive flying courses

GS Aviation microlight flying school is located at Clench Common, in the beautiful Wiltshire Downs on the outskirts of historic Marlborough.. Being just a few miles from junction 15 of the M4, halfway between London and Bristol, it makes an ideal location for flight training.

Microlight flying is a fun and affordable way to get a pilots licence. Most training is done on relatively new aircraft. C42 fixed wing G-CIAW new July 2013, G-CHOO new September 2012 and G CIFZ was new in June 2014, and a QuickR new December 2010 and the EV97 Team Eurostar new February 2009 make up the microlight fleet.

Flying training takes place 7 days a week, weather permitting, with training to NPPL, air experience flights, trial lessons and gift vouchers available. We also offer individual and group theory courses and radio courses, subject to demand.

To book lessons ring Clench Common 01672 515535, office open Mon/Wed/Fri mornings and at other times.


Click to enlarge Adrian Rotaru's first solo in one of our C42s.

30 March 2013 Adrian Rotaru's first solo in one of our C42s

Click to enlarge Kevin Richards just after passing his GST in the QuikR.

29 March 2012 Congratulations to Kevin Richards for passing
his GST in the QuikR

Click to enlarge Chris Webb's first solo in one of our C42s..

20 Aug 2012 Chris Webb's first solo in one of our C42s

Clench Common offers aircraft service and repair and sales of new and used aircraft and equipment.

Accommodation can be arranged in a local inn or in one of the hotels in Marlborough.

UK TRAINING PRICES 1 January 2014 (all prices include VAT)

We accept Visa Card & MasterCard We accept We accept Visa Card & MasterCard

School Aircraft - 3 x C42 and Eurostar
Dual Instruction £125.00 per hour. (Short briefings. No ground school). /Solo Instruction £125.00 per hour /General Flying Test £180.00
LONG BRIEFING/DEBRIEFING = EX 10a/b,16a/b, 12&13, 14 & 15 @ £30.00 per hour pro rata.
Discount on bulk pre booking gives a 10 hour dual instruction price of £1150.00 (£115.00 per hour)

Club Share Aircraft - C42 and Eurostar
Dual/Solo Instruction (including 'wet' charge) £90.00 per hour/General Skills Test £130.00

Own Aircraft including flexwings
Dual Instruction £70.00 per hour /Solo Instruction £50.00 per hour /General Skills Test £130.00

Ground School
Ground School £30.00 per hour /Exams £25.00 per paper. However ab initio students are expected to enrol on our complete ground school course covering all subjects, see below.

Ground School £100.00 per person (based on 3 people minimum). Usually in small groups between 1000h and 1600h or possibly over two evenings.
RT examiner available at short notice to do theory and practical exams at Clench. Contact the office to confirm price and to make a booking.

Club Membership
Student under training £40.00 per year. Full £80.00 per year.
Note club aircraft share holders get their membership included with the share package.

G S Aviation (Europe) Ltd can also help you in the first steps to owning an aircraft to suit your budget, whether it is a share in one of our club aircraft, a brand new aircraft or a second hand one.

We accept Visa Card & MasterCard We accept We accept Visa Card & MasterCard

Click to enlarge Congratulations to Sheryl first solo, in our Eurostar G-CFRT Click to enlarge Robin Horne, passed his GST in G-CGWK one of our C42s
14 March 2010 Sheryl first solo, in our Eurostar G-CFRT 2 Dec 2011 Robin Horne, passed his GST
in G-CGWK one of our C42s

FIXED WING COURSES we can offer this autumn/winter in a C42.

Intensive 5 day course
10 hours flying, plus briefings, encompassing exercises 1 to 11 in the BMAA training syllabus. i.e. all the upper airwork and an introduction to take off and landings. This course is designed to kick start your flying career, and to take you through and complete all this dual training to a standard where you are capable of flying the aircraft through straight and level, turns, and climbing and descending safely and accurately.
The course runs from Monday to Friday and you will be in the safe hands of one of our four full time instructors. You will be flying one of our C42 aircraft which is a twin seat side by side primary training aircraft.
We are a long established Flight training operation with 22 years experience and over 700 students trained safely. We have a fleet of five modern training aircraft and career instructors who have between them thousands of hours experience.
Course price for the 10 hours is £1150. Flying hours over and above 10 will be charged pro-rata i.e. £115 per hour.
Courses are available throughout the autumn and winter. If required we can offer a range of accommodation from camping to B&B and hotels, to suit all tastes. Courses are also available in EV97 Eurostar, Pegasus GTR flexwing or your own microlight. Ask for details and price.
Call us now on 01672 515535 or email for further details.

Weekend Course
This weekend flying course is designed to get you to grips with the initial upper airwork flying and to enhance your ability at the ab-initio stage. This 5 hour flying course starts at 10 am every Saturday morning and works on a one to one basis on one of our C42 aircraft. You will expect to fly 2 to 3 hours on the first day, this will include a full flight brief on each of the exercises from Exercise 1 to 6. Sunday will see you moving on to exercises 7 and 8 climbing and descending, and 9a and b level turns and climbing and descending turns. By the end of the weekend you will be able to fly the aircraft through all of the upper air exercises unaided and this will be the first major step towards your licence. Great value at £600 inc VAT


Struggling with reading a boring theory book? Why not come down to G.S Aviation at Clench Common Airfield in Wiltshire and sit in on one of our ground school courses? Our instructors will take you through everything that you need to know, not only just to pass the exam but also to continue to be able to fly safely! We cover Air Law, Aircraft Technical, Meteorology, Navigation and Human Performance and Limitations. Our courses will offer one subject over two days (2 hours per day, 1 hour total for Human Performance and Limitations) with one of our 5 career instructors. The course also includes trial exams and the actual exam. So why not make the most of the poor winter weather and get those dreaded exams out of the way.
Courses will be every Saturday from 10.00-12.00 and/or every Wednesday from 15.00-17.00 with a maximum of 6 people per session. Complete course (all ground school 13 hours, trial exams and final exams including fees) £450 inc vat., normal price £550.


Radio Telephony courses are available priced at £100 inc vat. this includes ground school and practical experience. This course is a great way of becoming more confident using the radio and will open up your flying opportunities.
Dates for our next R.T courses will be available on the News and Events Page of our website:

To book any course please call our office on 01672 515535 or email us at info@gsaviation.co.uk

RT REFRESHER COURSES - How rusty is your RT?

We are now running RT refresher courses to brush up those RT skills and ensure you can talk to ATC with confidence and get the service you require to conduct a safe flight.

The course will comprise:
  • 1. A classroom session to go over the basics plus revision in detail of:
    • How to request a transit through controlled airspace such as the Class D Brize Norton Zone
    • How to request a MATZ penetration & transit
    • How to select and request the appropriate en-route service outside of controlled airspace
    • Departure & Arrival procedures at an aerodrome with an ATC service
    • Departure & Arrival procedures at an aerodrome with a FISO service
    • Distress & Urgency procedures
  • 2. Practical exercises.
    We now have the a software package that will allow us to conduct practical exercises in the classroom so that participants can put the theory into practice. We have put together a number of exercises designed to cover all the scenarios a pilot is likely to face when flying in the local area or taking part in a fly out or cross country navigation. Each exercise will include a 'pre-flight' brief, simulated flight in which the student will contact ATC units along the route and a full de-brief.
    A confident approach to RT will open up new horizons and make cross country navigation more enjoyable, safer and quicker.
Course Cost £100

We can also customise courses for individual needs – please contact the office for more information.

Click to enlarge Petra Barnes first solo, in our GT-450 G-CERN Click to enlarge Jim Morris first solo in his Challenger
Petra Barnes first solo, in our GT-450 G-CERN Jim Morris first solo in his Challenger at Clench

INTENSIVE TRAINING COURSES 2013/14 - C42 - Eurostar - QuickR (all prices include VAT).

5 Day Intensive Starter/Completer (10 hours flying)
A weekday course for those who want to start, boost or complete their flying hours. £1150

5 or 10 Day Intensive (10 or 20 hours flying). Includes a "Microlight Starter Pack"
For the student who wants to concentrate on their flying, with maximum achievement in the minimum time. £1250 / £2370

'Minimum' Hours Course (25 Hours Flying)
A course based on minimum requirements, which includes 25 hours flying, 5 hours ground school, theory exams and the basic equipment needed to obtain a NPPL(M) Microlight Licence. Additional hours may need to be purchased to reach Licence standard. Allow 2-3 weeks for this course or it may be taken in small blocks. £3400

Navigation Training (5 hours Flying)
Designed to complete the navigation element of the licence or to upgrade a restricted licence. (2 hrs dual /3 hrs solo including 2 qualifying cross countries) £575

Conversion Training (10 hours flying)
For qualified microlight pilots who wish to do a conversion to enable them to safely fly the other type of microlight. £1150

Theory Package (12 hours Ground School)
Designed to be either integrated with a flight training course or a stand alone course over several weekend days. It will cover the 5 subjects required to obtain your Licence. Includes tuition, mock exams, a copy of "Microlight Flying" by Cosgrove, and the 5 written exams. £475

Additional flying hours are normally available at pro-rata rate.

Want to talk about it? As the office on the airfield is only staffed Mon/Wed/Fri mornings calling at other times may either get the answer phone or an instructor between lessons.

Copyright ©2015 GS Aviation (Europe) Ltd. For all your microlight training on flex and fixed wing aircraft including ground school to NPPL. Tel 01672 515535 Email info@gsaviation.co.uk for more information.