Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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GS Aviation Europe Ltd. Flexwing and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight training near Marlborough, Wiltshire

Aircraft - the GS Aviation Fleet - Which one would you like to fly?

Our fleet offer one of the best combinations of variety, newness and most importantly FUN to fly aircraft of any microlight flying school

Click to enlarge a Ikarus C42 coming into land at Clench Ikarus C42 G-CIAW, G-CHOO and G-CIFZ
C42 G-CIFZ, delivered in June 2014. This brings our fleet of C42s back to 3 aircraft. GS Aviation uses the Ikarus C42 as their primary training aircraft with the current aircraft being delivered in September 2012, July 2013 and June 2014. This aircraft type has been chosen as it is a high wing aircraft and the cockpit has easy access for students. It has forgiving handling characteristics, ideal for the low hours Pilot, along with a comfortable cabin including heating. The gas shock absorbers make for a strong durable undercarriage and, with disc brakes and flaps, the short field capability is second to none. A comfortable and economic cruise of 70 knots (80mph) allows both students and qualified pilots to go places at a fuel burn of under 12 litres an hour on the Rotax 912 80hp engine. Available for pupils during training on an hourly basis and also for shared ownership. More C42 Information.   Training costs in UK

Our new Gyrocopter MTO Sport G-CIGS arrived early April 2014. We are offering training to PPL(G), conversions and trial lesson gift vouchers. Our previous MT-03 gyrocopter G-CFGY has just gone (19 Feb 2014) on to its new owner, an ex-student of GS Aviation. More Gyrocopter Information.
Click to enlarge MTO Sport Gyrocopter
Click to enlarge New February 2009 G-CFRT our splendid EurostarTeamEurostar G-CFRT
Joined our training fleet 19 February 2009. 2-seater side by side with cabin heat. Fitted with twin sticks and toe brakes this is a much more like a "proper" GA type aircraft. The clean aerodynamics combined with the 80hp Rotax engine result in a fast but economical aircraft. It cruises at 85 - 100 mph effortlessly yet is still happy in the circuit at 65mph. Max level speed is 125 mph. It will not only be available for trial flights, ab-initio students and full NPPL(m) training on an hourly bases but also in shares for training and qualified pilots. The share purchase cost of only 3115 which can be paid by credit card or as 3 monthly payments of 1075 paid by cheque. More Eurostar Information.   Training costs in UK

A bit about the Rotax 912
The Rotax 912 engine used on all of our fleet has proved itself to be both reliable and economic since its inception over 16 years ago, with liquid cooled cylinder heads there is no shock cooling of the heads as in conventional aviation engines. The old carb heat system is negated, as the Rotax does not suffer from carb icing due to the carbs being positioned at the back of the engine in warm air from the cylinders. A modern aviation engine which is a real winner, mated to good solid modern training aircraft, what a combination!!

What a fleet!   Ring 01672 515535 (office, bookings and airfield info).

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